Celebration Forest is an invitation to re-imagine what it means to live in a forest. This reforestation concept engages residents in a meaningful way to participate in "the greening" of our towns, villages, cities and states. What would it mean to participate in growing Celebration Forest?  What would the benefits be to your community?


 Trees are essential to human life and to the quality of life we share. Planting species that produce edible fruit and nuts food security in local areas. Take a deep breath and give thanks. It takes 7 mature trees to provide the air that you breath.

As we experience a worldwide tree loss, air quality concerns and rising  global temperatures; addressing these life threatening issues and ensuring for a positive future is at the heart of Celebration Forest.



Most people imagine a forest as "out there", but Celebration Forest grows right where we live, work and play. One by one, village by village, town by town, city by city, individuals will reside in Celebration Forest as they come together to make this virtual forest a reality.


This not-for-profit initiative has the potential to grow across the boundaries of village, town, city and state; joining people everywhere in a common bond. As we work together to greatly increase a living Celebration Forest, how wonderful to know it has it's roots in your neighborhood and town!

In the Fall of 2017, the Village of Brockport New York almost doubled their annual tree donations with their participation in this project. Plans for continued fund raising and education program plans are underway in Brockport for their 2018 Earth Day and Arbor Day. Wouldn't it be wonderful to grow Celebration Forest in your town?




Anyone can reside in Celebration Forest by simply supporting the planting of trees. Through donations or direct planting, individuals, families, co-workers, organizations  or whole cities can "live" in Celebration Forest. This concept is intended to support the efforts that are already established to reforest municipalities, parks and public lands as well as encourage tree growth on private property.


Each Organization, Town, Village, City or State set the standards for the levels of giving and manage all funds and tree implementation. Partnering with your local civic organizations, schools, libraries and faith communities and Eagle/Golden Scouts are great ways to engage the whole community. The expectation for this project is that all donations will go directly to ensure that this virtual forest becomes a reality. Who will be next to add their name to the growing roster of residents living in this shared, intentional forest? Will it be you or your organization?


How? Contact rev.loristaubitz@gmail.com for additional information on how you or your group can participate or utilize promotional materials for fundraising efforts.

Need to raise funds for trees?

Fundraising and Promotional Materials Available

Suggested Giving Levels:


Little Nut Donation: $5+

or purchase of Little Nut book

(see link at the bottom of this page)


Donors name is recorded

in Celebration Forest

(individual's only)


Little Nut Tree Donation: $30 + 


Giver's or Gift Recipient's name is recorded

in "Celebration Forest" Log.            

 (individual's only)


A copy of the book

"A Celebration Forest Adventure: Little Nut" is provided.


Great Tree Donation: $250+


Giver's or Gift Recipient's name

is recorded in "Celebration Forest" Log.


A copy of the book

"A Celebration Forest Adventure: Little Nut" is provided.


A tree is planted and

dedicated to honor named organization or individual

Gift cards are available.