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Little Nut Donors

Janice Madhu-Sweden NY

Bonnie Howlett-Clarkson,NY

Sue Campbell-Spencerport, NY

Carol Rizzo-Brockport, NY

Helen Hemmer-Brockport, NY

Terry A. Carbone, Brockport,NY

Anne Frey, Brockport, NY

Sarah Cook, Brockport, NY

Melissa Kleehammer, Brockport, NY

Gail Sielaff, Brockport, NY

Natalie Trenton, Brockport, NY

Katie McJurry, Brockport, NY

Peg Levering, Hamline, NY

Debbie Buke-Gravett, Brockport NY

Melissa Brown, Brockport, NY

Anita Mault, Brockport, NY

Donors on Earth Day/ Arbor Day 2018

Holly Kelsy

Sarah, Angelo and Michela Caiazza

Emma Mesiti

Owen Sierant

Barbara Spector

Rikki Palomino

Steve & Vickie Shales

Mike Brennen

Chris Collier

Heidi MacPherson

Sandy & Doug Kucmerowski

Sandy Wright

Timothy L.-Hamlin N.Y.

Brockport Residents Living in Celebration Forest

Little Nut Tree Donors

Marcia McCarthy

Donors on Earth Day/ Arbor Day 2018

David Newman and Annie Crane

William H. Privett

Bill and Hanny Heyen

Lift Bridge Book Shop

Beyond Yoga Center

Great Tree Donors

Dr. Joseph Russo; Brockport Smiles

History Club of Brockport

Lori and Ward Staubitz, Sweden, NY

Barbara Ann Short, Hilton NY

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