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Celebration Forest   

Special Thanks

to our

Residents in

Celebration Forest

Seed Supporters

Barbara and Kenneth Short

Lori and Ward Staubitz-Sweden, NY

Andrew Bernard-Albuquerque, NM

Gabriel Lopez-Albuquerque, NM

Nathaniel Bernard-Richmond, VA

Jessica Erwin-Richmond, VA

Jonathan Bernard-Rochester, NY

Jeffrey Short-Vero Beach, FL

James Casteline-Owego, NY

Velma Spear-North Greece, NY

Mary Harris-Greece, NY

The Durlan-Jones Family- Charlottesville, VA

Avienda Gilmore-Hilton, NY

Delilah, Xavier& Xander Gilmore-Tep- Hilton

*Rev. Peggy Meeker, Rochester, NY

Hilton Library-Hilton, NY

Seymour Library, Brockport, NY

Phyllis Wheatley Library, Rochester, NY

Ms. Grube's Kindergarten Class-NC

Chayil Tepillah, Rochester, NY

Cora Cecil Wagner

Rev. David Mac Pherson

*Yvonne Micheli, Calvert Co.,MD

*Rev. Anne Herndon, Annapolis, MD

(* book purchase)

Little Nut Givers

(donations of $5+)

Debbie Gilmore-Hilton, NY

Kathy Stalker-Hilton, NY

Lisa Fedele-Hilton, NY

Rev.Craig Schwalenberg- Oneiata NY

Rosemary Casteline-Binghamton, NY

Nancy Steinkamp- Fairport, NY

Prudy Trapani-Frisbee- AZ

Debbie Rodriguez-Median, NY

Barbara Short-Hilton, NY

Connie Valk-Rochester,NY

Beverly Cree-Mountain Center for Learning-NC

Brian Justice-Rochester, NY

Rit Mascaro,, Rt. 7 NY

Ms. Howarth, Fairport, NY

Nancy and Thomas Bodziak, North Chili, NY

Mark Crosby, Medina, NY

Michael Doughton & Caleb Queen, Alexandria VA

Julie McGrath, Albion, NY

Laurel Amabile, Ashville, NC

Audrey Keller, Portland OR

Little (NUT) Tree GIvers

(donations of $15+)

Mary Anderson, Spencerport, NY

Darrell Kyke, Medina, NY

Audrey Keller, Portland, OR

Marcia Mc Carthy, Brockport, NY

Kathy Stalker, Greece, NY

Debbie Gilmore, Hilton NY

Great Tree Givers

(donations of $250)

Lori and Ward Staubitz, Sweden, NY

(Women's )History Club of Brockport

Dr. Russo, Brockport Smiles, Brockport NY