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Forest Bathing in the Winter?

If you have ever spent time basking in the glow of a summer day in a Forest or the beauty and silence of a winter moonlight trek in the deep woods…You know the wonder and joy of trees.The link between life on Earth and Forests is no secret.Take a deep breath…we depend upon Trees for our every breath.However, in the past few years, research confirms the direct relationship Trees have on our bodies, minds and spirits.

The deep immersion into “the green” has long been understood as a restorative practice in Japan. Shimrin Yoku is the practice of “Forest Bathing”.

Here in the north country (Brockport New York) it takes a certain hearty commitment to dress for the 15-25 degree weather and step out into the forest. However and whenever I do, I am amazed at how wholesome and needful this is to my well being...So, friends, I invite you to join me as we put on those mittens, hats and boots and go head on to our local parks or forests...The trees, the quiet and the snow are a soulful combination. If you go at dusk, you might consider looking for owls while your at it! Screech Owls are the tiny ones who come out first in this area

For many here in our Village and Town, the local parks are where we go “to bath” in the trees…However, many of our trees are on the decline due to age or illness. The harsh truth is that even here, we are losing a great many of our trees due to age or illness. We will need to do more than replant…we need to take seriously our need to grow this forest now!

Post to share your own Forest experience.

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