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A special kinship is at the heart of Celebration Forest.

It is fitting to say that it all started

with a growing relationship between a child and a tree.

Resting in the limbs of a Great Tree offers a place of solitude

and fosters a deeper connection with the natural world.

This is true and necessary for children and adults alike.

Much of our direct access to nature is quickly disappearing.

The importance of mature trees and woodlands

is now broadly recognized and are essential to our

human health and wholeness.

Remembering back on the importance

of her own childhood connection to nature and trees;

Rev. Staubitz says "My sense of kinship with a Great White Pine "Old Sappy" would prove instrumental to my own spiritual formation and service as an environmental advocate and minister.

"I was first introduced to "Old Sappy" as a young child.

A neighborhood friend was moving away.

and wanted to ensure that this tall, evergreen friend of hers

would not be left alone. I was five years old and very happy to have a new tree friend.

Little did I know how this relationship would be foundational to my work and service later in life."

As State Environmental Education Chair for the Sierra Club,while living in Arkansas

Lori advocated for sustainable harvest practices and wrote a monthly news column promoting Eco-friendly practices

As a Unitarian Universalist Minister, her advocacy includes

reforestation projects in Guatemala; establishment of an edible forest garden at the Montgomery Neighborhood Center in Rochester, New York.

and Celebration Forest; her most recent response

to global warming and community health issues.

 In Fall 2017 Lori published "Little Nut",

a Celebration Forest Adventure.

This children's book highlights the growing pains and joys of an Acorn

who sprouts into a sapling.

"It is my hope to nurture children's understanding of trees as living beings

and to foster a whole new generation of forest advocates.

Proceeds from the sale of these books ensure

that Celebration Forest can grow and thrive!

Do you have a special relationship with a Tree?

Send in your story to be posted on this web site.

Author of Little Nut: Rev. Lori Staubitz

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